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Compassionate care during your dental emergency

During a dental emergency your comfort will be our highest priority. The dental professionals here at TFI Emergency Dentist are trained to respond compassionately and professionally during a dental emergency.

Responding to your emergency

Our Emergency Dental Team will always strive to respond to your emergency as fast as possible. Endeavouring to help you become relaxed and comfortable as fast as we can. We ensure that each and every one of our Emergency Dentists goes above and beyond to treat you how we would like to be treated. We aim to never turn away any of our patients experiencing a dental emergency.

Correcting serious dental concerns

The main dental emergencies we encounter are serious tooth decay. Often requiring root canal therapy, trauma and damage to the tooth, and tooth loss.

Root canal therapy

Is often required when our patient’s tooth decay has become so serious that it is causing considerable and ongoing pain. We will only perform this procedure in the instance that more minor restorative treatments are no longer suitable. Given the newest developments in dentistry. As well as our comprehensive range of dental anxiety management options. We can ensure that you are comfortable and at ease through your root canal therapy.


Can occur in a number of ways, commonly in sporting accidents. A knock to your tooth can result in substantial pain, as well as requiring immediate attention to correct the damage. It is important to correct chips or cracks as soon as possible as ignoring these concerns can lead to the tooth’s pulp becoming exposed to bacteria, often consequently causing an infection. Often cracks and chips, especially those that are only superficial, can be easy protected and corrected in the safe hands of our dental professionals.

Tooth loss

Can be quite a serious dental concern, especially if it is a result of sudden trauma or serious decay. If your tooth loss is a result of trauma it is important to contact our dental professionals immediately. As you only have a small window of time where your natural tooth can be saved and placed back in your mouth.

It is essential that you handle the lost tooth by the crown of the tooth (the visible part of the tooth) and not the root. This is because there are specialised cells on the root of your tooth that need to remain intact in order to fuse back into your jawbone. You can clean the tooth if you need to using milk, then either place the tooth back in the socket or store it in a glass of milk while you wait to get to your appointment.

Emergency Dentist Gold Coast

In the event of a dental emergency please do not hesitate to contact our caring team at TFI Emergency Dentist. We can walk you through the necessary steps you should take while you are on your way to your emergency appointment.

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