We now offer MiFund, a leading provider of medical payment options for patients across Australia. MiFund’s payment plans offer a simple and quick application process, easy fortnightly or monthly direct debits and plans that can range from $400 to $50,000. To find out more about how a MiFund payment plan can let you get the treatment you need today and pay over time, ask us for more information when you next visit our practice or visit

How to use MiFund

Step 1

Talk to your chosen practice and obtain a treatment plan quote

Step 2

Ask your practice for your unique sms link

Step 3

Follow the link and complete the quick online application

Why Choose MiFund?

  • MiFund believes that payment options for medical procedures should be Fair and Affordable
  • MiFund has helped thousands of Australian patients pay for their treatment needs
  • We specialise in health – so we understand the needs of Patients and Practitioners
  • We can provide payment plans for up to $30,000.00 with Zero or Low Deposit Options
  • You can use MiFund with or without private health insurance
MiFund FAQ's