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Restoring the health and appearance of your smile, as well as your confidence

Our team are passionate about restoring their patients smile and giving them back their dental health, as well as their oral function and even in some cases their self-confidence. Tooth loss or damaged and decaying teeth can be problematic not only to your dental health, but also to the way you feel about your smile. From our Thornlands and Labrador practice locations we offer the full spectrum of restorative treatment to help each and every one of our patients smile with restored confidence.

Crowns and bridgework

Dental crowns and bridges can be a suitably treatment for those who have experienced tooth loss or damage to your tooth’s structure. At TFI Dentistry at Thornlands and Labrador we provide our patients with dental crowns and bridgework in order to potentially restore the health, appearance and function of their smile. Crowns can address:

  • An irritable large filling
  • Excessive grinding of teeth or an improper bite
  • Inadequate oral hygiene or ageing teeth

A crown is a porcelain restoration that appearance and functions as your natural tooth did. Dental bridges are suitable to treat tooth loss and bridge the gap between teeth that are separated by a missing tooth. A dental bride is a restoration that is anchored to the surrounding teeth, providing support for speaking and chewing.

White fillings

White fillings at TFI Dentistry can restore damaged teeth seamlessly and completely unnoticeably. A white filling is a restorative material used to restore the health, function and integrity of your tooth after being damaged by decay. Unlike amalgam fillings, commonly known as silver fillings, white fillings are completely unnoticeable and there is no question of the safety of composite fillings used to restore damaged teeth.

Dental implants

Tooth loss can be detrimental not only to the outer appearance of your teeth and smile, these missing gaps can also instigate or be triggered by more serious dental health concerns.

From either our Thornlands or Labrador practices the team at TFI Dentistry can refer you to a trusted specialist in order to receive dental implants. Dental implants are widely considered to be the most innovative permanent alternative to potentially uncomfortable removal dentures.

Choosing the restorative treatment that is right for you


During you initial consultation at either our Thornlands or Labrador locations our dental professionals will assess the degree of your tooth decay, damage or the severity and causes of your tooth loss. We will perform a thorough examination in order to identify which restorative treatment would be best suited for your teeth, your lifestyle and your aesthetic goals.

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