Did you know? TFI offers a Tooth Fairy service for our littlest patients! At TFI, our resident Tooth Fairy visits the children in whilst they’re enjoying their ‘ride’ in our dental chair to explain the importance of dental care and early preventative measures. During your child’s visit, we can count their teeth and have some fun with the dental intra-oral camera, which gives them a guided tour of their smile. They will receive a reward for their co-operation and our dental fairies will encourage your child to brush their teeth regularly as well as explain the importance of their little teeth, and aid your child to stop thumb or finger sucking habits.


Is my child ready for the dentist?

The short answer is yes. As soon as you child starts teething is the right time for your child’s first dental check-up. Although it seems early, it’s best to bring your child into TFI at the start of their tooth progression to ensure that their growth is properly monitored and on the right track. Taking your child to the dentist early on in life also ensures that it becomes a regular part of their hygienic upkeep and set the standard for later life. Our Tooth Fairy services are a sure way to deter any dental anxiety that a child might experience when visiting a regular dental clinic.


Your child’s big day

When it comes time to visit the Tooth Fairy, you may want to bring your child’s favorite toys to hold on to whilst they’re waiting for their turn in the dental chair so that they can enjoy every minute spent with our gentle fairies. After your child’s appointment, they will receive a special gift and a complimentary photo with our Tooth Fairy. If your child wants to show their friends and family members about their Tooth Fairy experience, we can upload their photo with our fairies to our online image gallery, where other children have also shared their happy experience.

Prevention over restoration

Our fairies at TFI firmly believe in prevention over later restoration, so we encourage all family members to join in on the experience and have their teeth checked and cleaned as well. Not only does this set a good example for your children, but you can also have some ‘me time’, as well as ensuring that your oral health is in optimum condition. We would advise you not to wait until your child’s first toothache for a dental visit, as this may lead to dental anxiety later down the track.


The TFI experience

TFI strive to provide your whole family with a comfortable, enjoyable and hassle-free dental experience. We thoroughly enjoy providing our littlest patients with excellent dental care and starting their dental education early on in life. If you and your child are ready for a tooth fairy day out, swiftly book your appointment online, or call our clinic.


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