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Receive the dental treatment you need while you sleep

At TFI Dentistry in Thornlands and Labrador we want all of our patients to receive the dental work they need comfortably and without dental anxiety. Our team strives to provide our patients with a number of pain management options to ensure that they are comfortable while they receive the dental work they require to capture either sound oral health or an aesthetically pleasing smile, or in many cases both.

Experience dentistry centred around your comfort

At TFI Dentistry we take every possible step to help eliminate your dental anxiety and make you feel at ease. We offer a variety of options to help you achieve this state, including:

  • Sleep dentistry
  • Nitrous oxide
  • Local anaesthesia

Sleep dentistry

For our patients that experience extreme dental anxiety or for those who require an extensive amount of dental work we can provide you with a relaxing and efficient solution. From our Thornlands practice we offer sedation dentistry, allowing you to sleep through your dental appointment in a highly controlled environment.

Our team are trained to perform sleep dentistry appointments with the ease and compassion of a true dental professional. Your comfort is always our priory and we will work with you to ensure that you can commence your treatment with confidence in our ability whilst also feeling at ease with your level of comfort throughout your treatment.

During you initial consultation we can discuss your dental concerns with you and identify if sleep dentistry is a desirable pain management option for you. Once we have discussed your procedure with you and walked you through the process of receiving a General Anaesthetic we can help make you feel comfortable as you begin receiving treatment.

Throughout your treatment you will be monitored by our dental professionals to safeguard your safety and comfort. You can rest assured that we will attend to you with the same care that we ourselves would want to be treated with.

Nitrous oxide – Happy gas

If you experience moderate dental anxiety than nitrous oxide could be a suitable choice for you to help you relax into your treatment. Nitrous oxide, offered exclusively from our Thornlands practice, is commonly known as laughing or happy gas and is inhaled. Once the nitrous oxide is inhaled, a calming and relaxing feeling should be produced.

Local anaesthesia

We offer local anaesthesia from both of our practices in order to numb localised areas so you can receive your dental restoration or enhancement comfortably. During your initial consultation we will identify your concerns in order to locate the areas requiring local anaesthetic. The aesthetic will be administered by an extremely fine dental needle that should be relatively comfortable to receive, depending of course on your individual sensitivity.


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